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Ambulance et Taxi RENOUX/Matériel Médical

9 rue des Marais Neufs
85680 La Guérinière
Telefon : 02 51 39 75 75
Fax : 02 51 35 91 16
Founded in 1982. For 34ans, RENOUX ambulances has been putting 16 qualified drivers for transports down in complete security as well as three secretaries for your information enquiries at your disposal.

Renoux Ambulances, it is 13 vehicules:

- 4 AMBULANCES, including one equiped to work with the SAMU (semi-automatic defibrillator on board)

- 5 cars for seated patient transport

- 4 TAXIS inculding one equiped for disabled people transport (electric or manual wheelchair), and for 6 passengers.

All the vehicules are equiped with geolocation.

Quality service, mainly thanks to a direct phone link with the drivers and vehicules, an administrative pick-up charge of your hospitalisations or consultations, and a remote transmission with health insurances.

Medical equipment sale or rental

All medical equipment for home stay (beds, wheelchairs, patient lift, etc...)

for booking and home delivery:

Résidence Plein Sud

Rue de la Gare

85330 Noirmoutier-en-l'île

Phine: +332 51 39 48 48o

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